Promise The Children is a non-profit, charitable organization that was initiated by the UU Service Committee  20 years ago. Promise is now a “related organization” to the UUA. Our goal is to promote the healthy development of all U.S. children. We focus on children from their birth through early grade school.   Job Description We are hiring a part-time Program Director for 6 hours weekly to manage our social media program. In particular, this job includes expanding our  Twitter read more…

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Healthcare coverage may change for those dependent on Medicaid and Medicare. In addition, those with pre-existing conditions are at risk of losing their insurance. Tom Price, President Trump’s  appointee for Secretary of Health and Human services does not promise affordable health care for all. He does not promise continued support Medicaid and Medicare for all who are presently insured. Promise The Children urges you to phone your senator and ask him/her to vote against Tom Price for Secretary of Health read more…

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Tomorrow, November 4 is the last day of early voting. Tuesday November 8th is election day ! Please vote. It is easy to be cynical. But, this is an extremely important election. Please remember your commitment to children when you make your choice. In particular remember our pre-school children who are so badly in need of quality education and childcare. Here are two major issues with two points of view on issues. The expansion of charter public schools. This issue read more…

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Selling more people more guns does not curb gun violence. In the U.S. over all, about 2500 children die from gunshot violence annually. U.S. children and teens are 17 times more likely to die from a gun shot than children in 25 other high-income countries combined according to the Children’s Defense Fund. In 2012 12,253 adults died from gunshot homicides. Many more adults committed suicide or suffered accidental deaths by gunshots, and also there were non-fatal gunshot crimes. How can we curb U. S. gun read more…

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by Ellie Richardson                  Through my weeks of volunteering, I’ve noticed that one girl in particular doesn’t like to do art projects because she “doesn’t know how to draw”. At first, this seemed silly to me; it didn’t matter if the art was good or not, so long as she expressed herself. But when I saw her look around at the other girl’s drawings, then immediately erase what she’d produced, I could see read more…

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