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Support Early Childhood

  “The science is clear: when parents are stressed, babies pay the price. That is why improving conditions for families with young children is one of the best investments any nation can make.” – The Raising of America | Documentary Series     Infants are born with millions of disconnected brain cells and most cells connect in the first five years of life. Starting at birth, a baby’s brain develops rapidly and produces more than one million neural connections each read more…

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Early Education

  Head Start is our country’s most successful early learning program. It has been the most important social and educational investment in children, families, and communities the United States has ever undertaken. But now, Republicans in Congress are considering hurting families by cutting funding for Head Start by $750 million—depriving roughly 80,000 children access to this critical program. Moms Rising     Head Start was launched in 1965 as a comprehensive child development program. Over the last 60 years, Head read more…

  Promise the Children is proud to have recently donated $5,000 to Building Bridges Through Music in Lynn to support its after-school, summer school and SMART music programs. Learn More About Building Bridges Through Music     Promise the Children (PTC) has benefitted from the generosity of Church congregations over many years. PTC is a nonprofit advocacy organization with a renewed focused on increasing access to subsidized child care and mental health services for children from birth to 3rd grade. read more…

Posted: June 12, 2022 in: Childcare, Ed: Preschool & Grades 1-3

public childcare

  “The current child care market fails families, children, and businesses. Parents are often unable to find a child care program with an open spot for their infant or toddler. If there are available options, they typically are not affordable. Infant child care costs families an average of $11,000 per year and is more than the price of public college in 33 states.” — Center for American Progress     America lacks sufficient child care, and the care that does read more…

Posted: February 16, 2022 in: Action Alerts, Childcare, Preschool

Kid Holiday Activities

    Guest post by childcare professional Stephanie Manhardt.      November 1st seems to have transformed into the unofficial start of the Holiday season. This is such a magical time of the year and through the eyes of children, the magic is everywhere and everything. There are so many activities and gatherings to enjoy. On the east coast the weather doesn’t always make it easy to attend those fun activities. Luckily the magic can be done within your home. read more…

Posted: December 19, 2021 in: Childcare, Ed: Preschool & Grades 1-3, Preschool

Choosing Books for Children

    Guest post by Andrea Gibbs with Baby Steps Preschool in New York.     As a parent, you’ll want your child to have the best possible education. One way to do that is by choosing books for them to read at their appropriate reading level — but how do you know your child’s reading level? To better understand this, let’s take a look at the components of reading levels. First things first, there are two components of reading read more…

online auction to support children

    This year Promise the Children will be raising funds to support Free Online Tutoring for any student in need as they work to catch up from last year’s disrupted school year.     Join Promise the Children for our second virtual online auction! This year we will be raising funds to support free online tutoring for any student in need as they work to catch up from last year’s disrupted school year. We are proud to partner with read more…

    Students, and primarily young learners, have taken a hard hit with the pandemic.     With the constant influx of changes that COVID-19 has brought to our lives, it may be difficult to keep up with all of the modifications we’ve made in order to address potential problems. While some are more obvious and target every subsection of society—such as masks and six feet of distance—others are targeted towards specific groups like office workers and students. Students, and read more…

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public childcare

    Promise the Children was recently interviewed by a young advocate at Gonzaga University on the topic of affordable childcare. Below are a few highlights from our conversation and our work toward making affordable childcare for all a reality.     1. How does your organization view affordable childcare? What is the impact of affordable childcare? Promise the Children supports a national investment in affordable, high-quality childcare for all children. Affordable childcare is essential for women and families, and read more…

Posted: May 1, 2021 in: Action Alerts, Childcare, Preschool

Free Online Tutoring

“Our mission is to provide free, quality and accessible online tutoring to all elementary and middle school students regardless of their economic and immigration status, race, sex, etc. in the Greater Boston area.” – Boston COVID Tutoring     At Promise the Children, we’re always looking for ways to help children, families and caregivers — and we know that during the pandemic, their needs could not be greater. We’ve recently partnered with two free tutoring programs to offer online homework read more…

Posted: March 16, 2021 in: Action Alerts, Ed: Preschool & Grades 1-3


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