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    Promise the Children was recently interviewed by a young advocate at Gonzaga University on the topic of affordable childcare. Below are a few highlights from our conversation and our work toward making affordable childcare for all a reality.     1. How does your organization view affordable childcare? What is the impact of affordable childcare? Promise the Children supports a national investment in affordable, high-quality childcare for all children. Affordable childcare is essential for women and families, and read more…

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    Students, and primarily young learners, have taken a hard hit with the pandemic.     With the constant influx of changes that COVID-19 has brought to our lives, it may be difficult to keep up with all of the modifications we’ve made in order to address potential problems. While some are more obvious and target every subsection of society—such as masks and six feet of distance—others are targeted towards specific groups like office workers and students. Students, and read more…

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Free Online Tutoring

“Our mission is to provide free, quality and accessible online tutoring to all elementary and middle school students regardless of their economic and immigration status, race, sex, etc. in the Greater Boston area.” – Boston COVID Tutoring     At Promise the Children, we’re always looking for ways to help children, families and caregivers — and we know that during the pandemic, their needs could not be greater. We’ve recently partnered with two free tutoring programs to offer online homework read more…

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  Photo via Pixabay Guest post by Kristin Louis of Parenting with Kris     Parents play an extremely important role in the development of their kids at every age and stage. But keeping up with your kids’ changing needs can be difficult. As your children get older, they will need varying levels of support and guidance to develop the skills that will help them thrive as adults. While you may not be able to coddle your kids forever, you read more…

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Opening Schools

“The worst is that the teachers might not always see your hand when you’re raising it. I really miss my friends and play dates. My mommy, and sometimes my daddy, have to help because it’s too hard sometimes” – Noah Bresler, 6, Brooklyn     There’s no question that most children would rather be in school. “Kids are getting more bored by the day,” writes 11-year-old Harry Dodd in the New York Times. “We wish we could go back to read more…

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Early Education

Each year, Promise the Children (PTC) focuses on a number of important advocacy issues affecting children and families. We want to know from the PTC community: which issues are most important to you? Your feedback will help set our direction and fundraising goals for 2021. Please let us know your thoughts by taking our 30-second survey below!  

  When disaster strikes, we’re often amazed by the number of neighbors who rush to the front lines and the many community members whose first question is: how can I help? While those in our medical communities are in the best position to serve as our front line defenders, here are other ways you can help the Greater Lynn community during this trying time. (And please remember: wash your hands, don’t touch your face, and commit yourself and your families read more…

  While volunteering in a children’s summer program, I often saw a foster child run to the teacher’s desk each day and ask if their foster parent had dropped off lunch. Lunch was never there, and the child was offered a daily peanut butter sandwich. This was humiliating because others had good food from home. One day this child brought food and shared it within the classroom. Sadly, the facilitator, not knowing the significance of this event, ordered that the read more…

Support Early Childhood

  “The science is clear: when parents are stressed, babies pay the price. That is why improving conditions for families with young children is one of the best investments any nation can make.” – The Raising of America | Documentary Series     Infants are born with millions of disconnected brain cells and most cells connect in the first five years of life. Starting at birth, a baby’s brain develops rapidly and produces more than one million neural connections each read more…

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Each year Promise the Children focuses on a number of important issues that range from Child Poverty and Early Education to Limiting Out-of-School Suspensions, Advocating for Stronger Gun Laws and Ending the Detention of Immigrant Children. As a member of the PTC community, we value your feedback! Our current areas of focus include Public School Funding and Teacher Salaries, Child Care and Early Education, Gun Safety and Control, and the Supervision of Detention Centers Housing Immigrant Children Separated from Parents. read more…


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