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    “The Build Back Better Act provides a historic opportunity to move toward an economy that works for all of us, not just the wealthy and corporations.” — Americans for Tax Fairness     The Build Back Better plan will make historic investments in healthcare, childcare, and education by making billionaires and corporations pay their fair share in taxes. With a vote expected soon, we’re fighting to make sure this legislation passes—and we’re almost there! Please consider contacting your read more…

Posted: November 15, 2021 in: Action Alerts, Child Hunger, Child Poverty, Health Insurance

Child Care Action Alert

    Rich countries contribute an average of $14,000 per year for a toddler’s care. In the U.S. it’s $500. The New York Times: How Other Nations Pay for Child Care     Child care in the United States is in a crisis — and it’s time for change. The United States — one of the richest countries in the world — spends only $500 per child on early childhood care each year.The New York Times recently shared shocking statistics read more…

Posted: October 21, 2021 in: Action Alerts, Childcare

    Millions of families living in America face hunger and food insecurity every day. Your neighbor, child’s classmate or even coworker may be struggling to get enough to eat. Feeding America     Hunger in America is growing. In the wake of COVID-19, unemployment and food insecurity soared, and an estimated 60 million people turned to food banks and community programs for assistance in 2020 alone. Children and adults face hunger in every community across the country, and millions read more…

Posted: September 21, 2021 in: Action Alerts, Child Hunger, Child Poverty


    Two critical programs that provide financial support to low-income parents and caretakers are the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and the Child Tax Credit (CTC). These working-family tax credits lifted 5.6 million people out of poverty in 2018, including 3 million children, and made 16.5 million other people less poor. — EITC Fast Facts     The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and the Child Tax Credit (CTC) are two of our tax code’s most effective income boosters read more…

Posted: August 9, 2021 in: Action Alerts, Child Poverty

online auction to support children

    This year Promise the Children will be raising funds to support Free Online Tutoring for any student in need as they work to catch up from last year’s disrupted school year.     Join Promise the Children for our second virtual online auction! This year we will be raising funds to support free online tutoring for any student in need as they work to catch up from last year’s disrupted school year. We are proud to partner with read more…

anti-hunger anti-poverty

    “We know single caretaker families in Cambridge are struggling, are well below the Cambridge poverty line, and the impacts to single mothers and women of color are even higher…” – Sumbul Siddiqui, Mayor of Cambridge     Food insecurity is on the rise in Massachusetts, but the city of Cambridge is taking an innovative approach toward addressing it. As of August 2021, Cambridge will begin a guaranteed income test for 120 eligible single caretaker households in its city. read more…

Posted: June 10, 2021 in: Action Alerts, Child Hunger, Child Poverty

    Promise the Children was recently interviewed by a young advocate at Gonzaga University on the topic of affordable childcare. Below are a few highlights from our conversation and our work toward making affordable childcare for all a reality.     1. How does your organization view affordable childcare? What is the impact of affordable childcare? Promise the Children supports a national investment in affordable, high-quality childcare for all children. Affordable childcare is essential for women and families, and read more…

Posted: May 1, 2021 in: Action Alerts, Childcare, Preschool

Free Online Tutoring

“Our mission is to provide free, quality and accessible online tutoring to all elementary and middle school students regardless of their economic and immigration status, race, sex, etc. in the Greater Boston area.” – Boston COVID Tutoring     At Promise the Children, we’re always looking for ways to help children, families and caregivers — and we know that during the pandemic, their needs could not be greater. We’ve recently partnered with two free tutoring programs to offer online homework read more…

Posted: March 16, 2021 in: Action Alerts, Ed: Preschool & Grades 1-3

Reunite Families

“The deported parents are kind of lost in the story. Not only were they separated, they were deported back to the country they fled. They haven’t seen their children in three years now, and there’s no clear pathway to get them back.” – Carol Anne Donohoe, Attorney with Al Otro Lado     Right now more than 600 migrant children are still separated from their families. This cruel legacy is left behind by the Trump administration which tore more than read more…

Posted: February 17, 2021 in: Action Alerts, Immigration

Homemade masks for Lynn and Nahant

      Since April 2020 Promise the Children has worked with an incredible group of volunteers to make and distribute over 800 face masks to organizations and individuals in need. Thank you to our tireless mask makers who churn out not only beautiful but safe clear-faced and silk-lined cotton masks! Deliveries of masks have gone to a number of Lynn organizations including My Brother’s Table, The REAL Program, Lynn YMCA and Essex County Community Organization (ECCO). We’ve also delivered read more…

Posted: January 10, 2021 in: Action Alerts, Child Health Care, Health Insurance


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