Guest Post: The Age-by-Age Guide for Raising Amazing Children


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Guest post by Kristin Louis of Parenting with Kris



Parents play an extremely important role in the development of their kids at every age and stage. But keeping up with your kids’ changing needs can be difficult. As your children get older, they will need varying levels of support and guidance to develop the skills that will help them thrive as adults. While you may not be able to coddle your kids forever, you can continue to offer support, guidance, and unconditional love as they grow up. Check out the following resources for some useful age-by-age parenting tips!


Preschoolers thrive under the structure of routines, but they also need a chance to experiment with the world around them. Give your kids some freedom to explore while providing a safe and nurturing home environment.

School-Age Kids

As your kids progress through elementary and middle school, they will need more positive support, encouragement, and opportunities for independence.

Tweens and Teens

During the tween and teenage years, kids need parental support more than ever—even if they seem to resist your help and disregard your suggestions.

Raising children from tiny, crying babies into happy, healthy, and successful young adults takes a lot of work. While the job of a parent will never be easy, following recommendations and tips from experts and other parents can help you make the best decisions for your kids. As your kids progress from preschool to school-aged children to teenagers, be ready to provide the support they need. And remember to cherish every moment!

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