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Please join us and volunteer to help Promise The Children advocate for the growing number of children whose parents are increasingly challenged to pay for childcare, quality early education, health care and food.

We are mainly staffed with volunteers who update the website, write blogs and Facebook posts, newsletters, Tweets and serve on the Board of Directors.

Please contact us if you can volunteer to help Promise The Children. We are especially looking for help with:

  • researching creative ways to offer quality childcare at minimum expense
  • researching what preschool children should learn and how this can be taught
  • telling us a success story about a preschooler who was well prepared for kindergarten
  • writing blog and Facebook posts about a particular subsidy that helped your child
  • sharing your thoughts on zero tolerance and restorative justice discipline policies
  • help with fund raising


How your donations help

50 gifts of $10 will pay for filing public documents to maintain our charitable status.

50 gifts of $20 will help pay the cost of one summer internship.

25 gifts of $50 will help pay for updating & maintaining our website.

25 gifts of $100 will help pay for support staff.


Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and sign up for our Action Alerts below.

We actively form partnerships with other organizations that are working on our issues. Please contact us with information about organizations, campaigns or news about our core issues of child hunger, preschool and health care to help us expand our reach and become more effective advocates.


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Would you like to join us and save the safety net programs for U.S. children whose parents have low earnings? Most parents are not earning enough to pay for safe childcare, adequate nutrition, modest housing and health care. Promise the Children has an email alert network that invites you to get involved as little or as much as you can.

We do the research.
We build relationships with key national and state organizations.
We give you basic information that you need to email, write, or call policy makers, usually with links to more in-depth details about the issue.

You receive emails about important issues affecting children and, when you can, take action!
You let us know when something is happening in your state so that we can follow up and let other Children’s Advocates know how they can have a local impact.

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Childhood Poverty Advocacy Resources

For other resources, please visit our web site pages about Childhood Hunger, Universal Pre-K, and Child Health Care.


Volunteer. Interact. Sign Up. Donate.

Please sign up and join 500 other volunteer advocates who support the safety net for our nation's children. We send monthly emails suggesting ways to help. Too many parents are working for low wages that prevent them from paying for safe childcare, early education and adequate health care. They need support!

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