Guest Post: 3 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Make Good Choices



Guest post by Janice Russell with Parenting Disasters. Image via Unsplash.



All parents want the best for their kids. This includes wanting your child to know how to make good choices. One day your children will no longer live at home; when that day comes, you do not want to worry about whether they are making smart decisions for their mental and physical wellbeing. Here are three ways you as a parent can encourage your kids to make healthy habits and good decisions throughout their lives.


Sports are an excellent way to teach respect, discipline, and teamwork. Developing these characteristics helps shape kids into upstanding adults capable of making smart choices. Different sports advance different qualities. When kids lose, they can learn to lose humbly and graciously—characteristics that carry over to other choices in their lifetime.


Education makes a huge impact on the adults that kids grow into. Regardless of where your child goes to learn, this setting is where they spend the majority of their day, five days a week. It is vital that you get involved in what your kids are learning and their extracurricular activities. By doing so, you’ll know what they are being taught and can provide your input to further educate them.

Deciding to go to college is a massive decision for anyone, let alone a young high school graduate. The sooner you start having discussions with your kids about their future aspirations, the better. Though their goals may change, the important thing is to keep the conversations flowing regarding what they would like to do.

One of the best things you can do is lead by example. Maybe you have been delaying going back to school to earn your teaching degree, or maybe you are interested in completely changing career paths and want to pursue something else altogether. Show your kids it is never too late to pursue your educational dreams.


A key part of raising kids is teaching them to be kind and generous to other people, even complete strangers. Volunteering is a great way to motivate your kids to be compassionate. As with education, you should be their role model. Telling your kids to care for others is not going to have much impact unless they see you doing it. Make volunteering a family event. Take children to a local soup kitchens to help hand out meals. Research local churches and community centers to see what projects they might need help with.

Every parent wants to know their kids will make good choices once they leave the nest. It is important that you do what you can while they are at home to formulate habits that encourage healthy choices. Participate in these activities to help instill healthy practices and wholesome decision-making into your child’s life.


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