Election Day is Here!

voterTomorrow, November 4 is the last day of early voting. Tuesday November 8th is election day ! Please vote. It is easy to be cynical. But, this is an extremely important election. Please remember your commitment to children when you make your choice. In particular remember our pre-school children who are so badly in need of quality education and childcare.

Here are two major issues with two points of view on issues.

  1. The expansion of charter public schools. This issue is on the ballot in some states. charter schools often provide quality education for pre-school children as well as school children living in towns where families earn low salaries. Traditional public schools often lag behind in these towns. Too many of our low-income children are unprepared for the modern job market because their education is inadequate. Often the end up in jail, homeless or without an adequate job.

Personally I am voting for charter school expansion because children are being left behind by their lack of education in our traditional public schools.  Jonathan Kozol expresses the opposite point of view in this article.

  1. The Affordable Care Act (AFA). This act is sure to come up for repeal or amendments after the election. AFA has sidebar-larger-involvedimproved health care for about 20 million low-income families and individuals, except in the states where voters declined the expansion of the Medicaid program. Where Medicaid expansion was declined, some eligible children receive health care through the Children Health Insurance Program (CHIP). While AFA needs tweaking, its repeal would deprive millions of children, parents and single people of the access to health care they now have.

In general, the republicans seem to want to repeal the AFA act and offer tax incentives that would help families and individuals with higher incomes pay for health care. Democrats will keep the law in tact. They will try to help those with low and modest incomes get or keep their health insurance. They will do this by offering refundable tax credits. I believe that both parties will try to curb the increasingly high cost of health care. For more information.

Obamacare_to_Hillarycare.pdf    and    Republican_HealthPolicy.pdf


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