Take Our Survey! What Issues Are You Most Interested In?

Each year Promise the Children focuses on a number of important issues that range from Child Poverty and Early Education to Limiting Out-of-School Suspensions, Advocating for Stronger Gun Laws and Ending the Detention of Immigrant Children.

As a member of the PTC community, we value your feedback! Our current areas of focus include Public School Funding and Teacher Salaries, Child Care and Early Education, Gun Safety and Control, and the Supervision of Detention Centers Housing Immigrant Children Separated from Parents.

Which of these issues are you most interested in working on by staying in touch with your federal legislators?

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2 Responses to Take Our Survey! What Issues Are You Most Interested In?

  1. dorie jungles says:

    For #3 there is no answer for me to choose in this survey. I will be tweeting my outrage to legislators about the interment camps these children are in. Look at what the American-Japanese people (now over 80 yrs old) who were children who were interned during WWII. These children with their mothers (who were American citizens) were separated from the father and sent to camps in different states. Their homes and businesses were taken by the fed government and never returned. The US government thought they would never be able to assimilate into the American culture like the Chinese for whom Congress passed the Chinese Exclusion Act 1882-1943..Now the Asian Americans have the highest K-12 grades exceeding all other demographic groups including whites. And they have the highest per capita income. So why are these immigrants now labeled the victims who are un-assimilatable? The entire nation should be outraged that this is happening again. Why aren’t people marching in the streets in protest on behalf of these innocent children?

    • ptc15 says:

      I agree that people should be marching in the streets and picketing outside the detention centers. We don’t know exactly where they are. I really admire the Wayfair employees in Boston who struck because of the Wayfair contract with the Feds to provide beds in this prisons for children. However there are a lot of volunteers at the border cities who are really helping with food and getting immigrants onto buses. A lot grandmothers volunteer.
      But Trump exacerbated this immigrant situation by withdrawing financial support from countries whose citizens are forced to flee to the U.S. What a mess! But the U.S. has a bad history regarding immigration. Is China’s any better? I think the new immigration law restores funding to the impoverished central American countries, and this may provide more jobs in these countries. I do think that the outcry over the deaths at the border and the terrible conditions in detention centers brought about passage of the new law. Thanks for calling your legislators. We have to keep at it. Becky


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