Action Alert: Free Online Homework Helpers for Students in Need

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“Our mission is to provide free, quality and accessible online tutoring to all elementary and middle school students regardless of their economic and immigration status, race, sex, etc. in the Greater Boston area.”

Boston COVID Tutoring



At Promise the Children, we’re always looking for ways to help children, families and caregivers — and we know that during the pandemic, their needs could not be greater. We’ve recently partnered with two free tutoring programs to offer online homework helpers to any child or family in need. Helpers can assist with any subject, or simply act as a pandemic pal during these trying times.

Boston COVID-Tutoring (BCT) was founded in response to the pandemic and the closing of all schools. Its mission is to provide quality, free, and accessible online tutoring to all elementary and middle school students regardless of their economic and immigration status, race, sex, etc. in Massachusetts. BCT is run by students, for students, to provide the best possible educational aid it can offer during the COVID-19 pandemic. All tutors are pre-screened, individually interviewed and extensively trained.

Youth Promise is a New York-based organization that is providing free, virtual tutoring during the pandemic to under-served youth across the globe who may be lacking the resources to fulfill their potential. Youth Promise aims to empower these children through individual tutoring, group classes, and college/test prep workshops taught by qualified volunteers. The vast majority of Youth Promise tutors are high school and university students that are dedicated to making an impact on our world.

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If you know of an individual student, family or after-school program in need of free online homework helpers, please get in touch with us today and we’ll connect you directly with a tutor.

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Posted: March 16, 2021 in: Action Alerts, Ed: Preschool & Grades 1-3

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