On a day to day basis, the trauma of parental separation with and without additional adversity, takes many forms.  In the urban elementary school in which I work, it is the kindergarten boy who becomes unable to physically manage his body when his teacher mentions that the class will be making Mother’s Day cards. When the rest of his classmates begin to work on their cards, this boy throws himself on the rug and begins to roll around and growl. His read more…

Posted: June 6, 2018 in: Child Health Care, Immigration

Two major crises in the United States—new immigration policies and the opioid epidemic—are causing children to suffer incredible hardship as they are forcibly separated from, or tragically lose, a parent at alarming rates. Families Separated by the Trump Administration Since the enactment of the Trump Administration’s Zero Tolerance Policy for illegal border crossings, the number of immigrant children separated from their parents and placed in U.S. Government custody increased by an alarming 21% in a little over a month. At read more…

Posted: June 6, 2018 in: Action Alerts, Immigration

“I am 17 years of age now and I am a victim of having my home ripped apart due to deportation. My father was taken from my home 11 years ago in front of my face. It’s really something you just don’t get over it. I’m still hurt as if it just happened 2 seconds ago” says one of our citizen children. When citizen children’s parent(s) are detained or deported, they lose the love and guidance of a parent who read more…

Posted: April 13, 2018 in: Child Health Care, Child Poverty, Immigration

Over the past several years, especially since January 2017, executive orders that provide for significant expansion of efforts prioritizing the deportation of all undocumented people in the United States have been issued. Currently, there are more than five million children in this country living with at least one undocumented parent. Unfortunately, there aren’t any protections in place to preserve family units when an undocumented parent is deported, which often leads to children being funneled into the child welfare system. The read more…

Posted: April 2, 2018 in: Child Health Care, Child Poverty, Immigration

As we work on behalf of our children and families, it’s important to be informed! Here are 5 myths about DACA and Dreamers and why they’re wrong. Myth 1: DACA is a pathway to citizenship DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) is a program that gives beneficiaries a temporary reprieve from deportation, allowing them to stay lawfully in the country, granting work permits and allowing them to obtain driver’s licenses. The program is not amnesty, nor is it a path to read more…

Posted: January 22, 2018 in: Action Alerts, Child Health Care, Child Poverty, Immigration

Our government has declared war on citizen children whose parent(s) are undocumented even though they may have lived and worked here for many years. Even the Temporary Protective Status (TPS) granted to those who are victims of a natural and other disaster in their home countries is being revoked. Our government is destroying healthy, self-supporting families. Write or email your Senators and Congresswo(men) today and ask for their support. Tell them that a path to citizenship, rather than so many read more…


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