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public-schoolPresident Elect Trump speaks of eliminating the U. S. Department of Education and national standards for public education – as did President Reagan. Our last four presidents worked on national standards. Their work improved public education and high school graduation rates, but more needs to be done. Our high school students often graduate with poor preparation for technical jobs, and immigrants are hired whose education is relevant.
You can sign up with Promise the Children and support education.  You can get to know your federal and local legislators.  They will look for your comments and take them into account when they vote.
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PTCBeckyDorannePromise the Children is staffed by  two full-time volunteers, one assistant and part-time interns. We post Tweets MondayFriday and post a bi-weekly blog. We have 600 followers on twitter and we were viewed by more than 5000 readers over the last month. In addition we email our 600 volunteer advocates every 3 or 4 weeks
The Promise the Children goals are:
(1.) To support quality early education, after-school , and summer programs with the goal of increasing the literary and math skills of our nation’s children. Among others, we work with NAEYC (Nat’l Assoc. for Education of Young Children).
(2.) To ally with others on social media to support the expansion of Medicaid health insurance for families and for children so that  our children will be healthy and ready to learn at school.
(3.) To ally with the “No Kid Hungry” organization, and others, in support of nutrition programs such as food stamps, school meals, and WIC so that our children will not be hungry at school.
 (4.) To advocate for affordable childcare with Mom’s Rising, and many others, while parents work. President Elect Trump, and his daughter Ivanka, have recognized the importance of childcare.
We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!
Posted: November 23, 2016 in: Child Literacy

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