Supporting and Renewing the Children’s Health Care Program (CHIP)

Yes, Promise The Children, working with many others, succeeded in protecting a portion of children’s health care by stalling the demise of our Affordable Care Act. Now, we must renew the expanded Children’s Health Care Program (CHIP) that covers about 10 million more children. Also, we have not yet protected our children’s access to safe childcare and food.

Supporting and Renewing CHIPThe new tax bill increases deficit spending. Our Republican Congressmen and women will be asking for cuts to children’s programs to offset this deficit. Food stamps and school meals are at risk as well as early education and childcare voucher programs.

Please inform your elected officials that you support federal programs for children. Keep in touch with them by phone or email. Together we can help all of our children become healthy, strong citizens who participate in our democracy.

Promise The Children depends on many volunteers who advocate for children. However, there are fees to maintain our communication programs on the Internet and for a part-time staff member to post information and to assist with our emailed notifications. Please help by giving $10, $25 or $35 to Promise The Children.



Happy holidays to all, and THANK YOU!

Posted: December 26, 2017 in: Child Health Care, Child Hunger, Childcare

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