Nahant Area Resources and How You Can Help

During these challenging times, we’ve rounded up a handful of resources for Nahant area residents in need of a little extra help to feed and support their families. We’ve also listed ways you can help these organizations continue to operate and support the wellbeing of children and families in our community.

My Brother’s Table at 98 Willow Street in Lynn MA offers free prepared meals to go during the week from 12:00 to 4:30 PM. On Saturdays and Sundays a bagged breakfast and hot meal to go are available from 2:00-4:30. Meals are offered to everyone without financial screening. Single people or parents out of work or staying home to care for children and/or  ill relatives are welcome. My Brothers Table needs volunteers – call 782-595-3224, or donate at

Daniel’s Table at 10 Pearl Street in Framingham has placed freezers in locations throughout Framingham. Inside these freezers are restaurant quality healthy frozen meals that Daniel’s volunteer staff has created for distribution to those in need. Some are students in school or colleges. Others are parent(s) who’ve who lost their jobs. To volunteer, or donate call (508)-405-0769.

Promise The Children has received donations to help pay for making masks for the volunteers handing out food to those who need a meal at My Brother’s Table. The textiles have also been donated. Our volunteers consist of a dedicated crew of two Nahant seamstresses, cloth cutters, a wire cutter, and a prep volunteer. So far, the team has created and donated 45 masks, primarily to My Brother’s Table in Lynn, Nahant seniors, and Nahant residents in need.

Please email us to add to this list or update a resource. Thank you!

Posted: April 20, 2020 in: Child Hunger, Child Poverty, Homelessness

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