Family Members & Childcare

Mothers and grandparents aren’t always the only family members in a child’s life. Fathers, siblings, and other such family members can all help play a role in the development of a child.

In certain family structures, fathers aren’t as frequently encouraged to spend time with their children compared to mothers. However, the influence of a strong father-child relationship can be long-lasting on the child’s development . A caring relationship will allow the father to better understand the child’s forming abilities and skills. The attention given from a parent can also strengthen the child’s self esteem. Another benefit is a closer relationship. If a father develops a healthy and loving relationship with his child early on, later in life the bond should continue to be strong. A close relationship can also be useful when struggling through the issues of adolescence. A father’s influence is also stronger than he may think. And if a child has two parents, they deserve attention and love from both parents, not just one.

Another influential relationship can be found between siblings. Interactions between younger siblings and older siblings has been shown to influence the younger child’s healthy development. With two or more children, a parent’s attention is split between each child. Older siblings can provide some of the attention the younger siblings fail to receive. Older siblings also even influence the development of a younger sibling’s motor skills when they are playing. Quality time spent together can also have an influence on siblings’ future relationship. Older siblings, and perhaps cousins as well, can act as important role models that younger siblings can turn to for help when they don’t want to approach their parents.

It’s important for a family to maintain healthy relationships between all members. Young children receive many benefits from a good relationship with both fathers and other relatives. 

Posted: August 25, 2017 in: Childcare

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