Early Literacy

Pipe_cleaner_craftsAt our literacy program children made the letters in their names out of pipe cleaners. This was easy for some, but others needed a lot of help to visualize the letter and imagine making it, rather than writing it. Every child liked to roll up the pipe cleaner to make the dot for the small “i”! Eventually, each child had their name at their place on the table.

Our literacy program is well supervised. Each volunteer has an interview, must send references and submit an annual CORY check. Volunteers meet with 10 or 12 children under the supervision of a teacher. We enter the building and sign in and out under the watchful eye of a receptionist, and the front door is kept locked until we are identified. We will have a safe and happy summer whether we are volunteers or children!

Posted: July 9, 2015 in: Child Literacy

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