Don’t Cut Food Stamps!

In spite of this crucial need for food, many congressmen/women have voted to cut the food stamp program that was increased after 2008 economic downturn. But jobs are disappearing. They have gone overseas, and others have been replaced by robotic technology. As a result, unskilled laborers have less opportunity to work and are scheduled for fewer work hours weekly.

Two Adults and their two children who are eligible for food stamps may earn a net annual income of about $23,556, probably from working an average of 60 hours weekly at the federal minimum wage ($7.50/hour). This is the Federal definition of Poverty.

Here’s a very general example of their subsidy from food stamps is calculated.  The maximum food stamp subsidy  for a family of four is worth $632 monthly. They must budget 30% of their net income on food minus what they pay in rent. For example, let’s say an impoverished family of 4 earns a net of $1900 monthly and pays $500/month in rent. That leaves a total of $1400. They must budget 30 percent of $1400 for food or $420. They may receive food stamps worth $212, or the maximum $623 minus their budgeted amount $420.

This is a small subsidy, and the family must depend on local food pantries, and free meal programs. In addition the children depend on the free meals at their schools.

Please take action to maintain adequate funding for food stamps through the American Public Health Association – Protect Food Stamps  Thank you!

Posted: March 31, 2015 in: Action Alerts, Child Hunger, Child Poverty

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