Curb Gun Violence: Fix NICS

It’s time to raise your voice about whether or not to curb gun violence. To find your elected official’s contact information, text (520) 200-8660 with your zip code as message or send them an email.

Seven of our federal Senators, led by Republican Senator Cornyn of Texas, have taken the lead in passing the bill called FIX NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System). FIX NICS has bilateral support in the Senate. This bill could increase the national instant background check system and curb the sale of guns to violent individuals. This law could incentivize our states and federal agencies to strengthen background checks and to improve their system of reporting criminal offenses. I say “could” because we need to voice our opinions to our Senators right now in regard to whether or not we should curb gun violence.

Our federal Representatives believe quite the opposite. They believe that most individuals have a right to carry a gun, even a semi-automatic one. They believe that this right is more important than preventing gun violence.

Our Representatives have responded to increased gun violence by passing the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017. This bill allows guns to be concealed and carried across state lines so as to weaken individual state laws that curb gun violence by curbing gun sales. These Representatives believe individual rights are more important than pubic safety.

What do you believe? Do you support laws curbing gun sales? Or do you believe the right of individuals to carry a concealed gun?  It’s time to voice your opinion to your elected Federal officials. Here are the facts:

  • Every day 7 children and teens are shot to death and 46 children and teens are shot on purpose, by mistake, in suicide attempts or in defense by the police.
  • Every day, 40 children and teens are shot and survive.
  • Mass shootings have grown in frequency, and fatalities have increased as killers buy and use semi-automatic weapons.
Posted: December 11, 2017 in: Action Alerts, Curb Gun Violence

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