Children Need a Place in Our Hearts and Minds

Children need a place in our hearts, and in our minds, and funding for their development needs our voices. We are one of three UN countries that failed to sign the Rights of the Child Bill that passed through the United Nations in 1990. And why? Was it because children are not important to us? Are we willing to delegate their care to “unskilled nannies”? Do we realize that child rearing is a serious business involving our complete attention in order for the optimal development of our children’s brains and bodies? The answer is that we do not.

“Am I a nanny? ” asks a man on a recent TV ad? “No, I am a banker”. He says this as if more is required and appreciated of a banker than of a caretaker of a baby or child. He humiliates children and their caretakers.

RECONSIDER, do we want to develop citizens who are capable of competing with those in other countries, and of leading and supporting the U.S.A. into the future? We must understand that the capacity for the growth of children is fundamental and even sacred, and their complete development requires our maximum attention and the best of our skills.

Could we all get together and focus on our nation’s children with an annual Children’s day each year? That one step might lead to a better future for our children.


Posted: July 8, 2013 in: Child Poverty

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