Action Alert: Urge Your Legislators to Renew the Child Tax Credit (CTC)


Renew the CTC


“For the past six months, more than 61 million children in roughly 36 million families across the U.S. have received a monthly payment of $250 or $300 per child… [But] tax credits that would have landed in families’ bank accounts beginning Friday, January 14 won’t happen because the Senate could not agree to extend them.”

— Coalition on Human Needs



The Child Tax Credit (CTC) ended December 30, 2021. It lifted 9.9 million U.S. children out of poverty allowing Parent(s) to provide food, housing & other necessities. Without a subsidy, present wages fail to meet basic costs. The stress of hunger and threat of homelessness can traumatize young children and permanently damage their brain development.

Ask your legislators to renew the CTC today.

The Child Tax Credit is Critical to Growing Young Minds. In January 2022, the subsidy provided by the Child Tax Credit (CTC) in one of the COVID relief packages ended. The CTC lifted 9.9 million children out of poverty allowing parents to purchase adequate food and pay rent. Though many of the jobs that were discontinued at the beginning of the pandemic are now available, wages remain so low that without the CTC subsidy, many parents cannot afford to work. They cannot pay for childcare. The threat of living on the street or in cheap motels is exceedingly stressful. This stress can damage or shatter family cohesion and interrupt the brain development of infants, toddlers and young children.

🚨   Contact Congress: Ask Your Legislators to Renew the Child Tax Credit (CTC)




Some of our federal and state legislators are aware that we need more quality childcare. More of them need to hear from parents and grandparents about the time and patience that is needed to raise children. We are introducing each child to their community and the world. Each minute that an infant and toddler is awake, he or she needs the support of a loving parent or caretaker who responds to their questions and gently introduces them to their environment and how to manage it.

We want children to grow and participate effectively in today’s world, and we need a financial subsidy for each child, as there is in many of European nations.

🚨   Contact Congress: Ask Your Legislator to Renew the Child Tax Credit

Thank you for supporting our children and families!


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Posted: January 26, 2022 in: Action Alerts, Child Hunger

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