Action Alert: Help Our Mask Making Efforts!


Homemade masks for Lynn and Nahant



Since April 2020 Promise the Children has worked with an incredible group of volunteers to make and distribute over 800 face masks to organizations and individuals in need. Thank you to our tireless mask makers who churn out not only beautiful but safe clear-faced and silk-lined cotton masks! Deliveries of masks have gone to a number of Lynn organizations including My Brother’s Table, The REAL Program, Lynn YMCA and Essex County Community Organization (ECCO). We’ve also delivered face masks to the Marblehead YMCA and a number of individuals and families in Nahant.

What are Clear-Faced Masks?

Face masks are critical for public safety, but they can also increase communication challenges for individuals with hearing difficulties, ESL learners, and many children. Standard face masks can reduce the volume of speech and make it more difficult to read lips or facial cues that enhance understanding. Clear-faced masks or masks with a clear panel over the mouth can help restore important visual cues and allow for individuals to communicate more easily. Teachers and childcare providers at the Lynn and Marblehead YMCAs are currently using our clear masks to better communicate with children and families.

How Can I Help?

If you know of a local organization in need, let us know! We’re also accepting donations for the purchase of mask-making materials in order to hit our goal of delivering over 1,000 masks by the end of the year. We’re also looking for additional volunteers who are capable of making masks — please get in touch if you’re interested in joining our efforts.

Thank you for supporting our efforts!

Becky Richardson

Posted: January 10, 2021 in: Action Alerts, Child Health Care, Health Insurance

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