End Gun Violence

U.S. Gun Violence results in more than 17,000 American children and teens being shot each year. An estimated 46 youths are shot daily resulting in 7 deaths. These deaths include accidental deaths, suicide,domestic violence and mass gun violence.

To address gun violence, The Brady Bill was signed into law in 1993. This law requires background checks before sales by federally licensed dealers. The background checks are used to prevent “dangerous” individuals from purchasing guns. “Dangerous” individuals are defined by law. However, unchecked sales occur at gun shows and over the internet every single day.

To end domestic gun violence, some states have passed “Extreme Risk Protection Orders” allowing families and law enforcement officials to petition a court for a temporary suspension of an individual’s access to firearms.  There must be documented evidence that the individual is threatening harm to themselves or others. The individual who is subject to that order may be required to surrender their guns to police and will not be able to buy, sell, or possess other firearms for up to one year. Four States, California, Connecticut, Washington and Oregon have passed laws that curb domestic gun violence.

Nine states (California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Nevada, New York, Oregon,Rhode Island, Washington) and DC —have passed laws requiring universal background checks before almost all gun sales including private sales by unlicensed dealers. These checks include gun shows and the internet, resulting in the nation’s strongest gun laws and lowest death rates. More positive information can be found here.

The Brady campaign has filed a Class Action Lawsuit against Bump Stock Manufacturers and Retailers on behalf of victims shot in Las Vegas. Let’s support the Brady Campaign!

Here are some actions to take that help to protect children against gun violence:

1. If you own a gun, lock it up with the ammunition locked up separately. This prevents children from unintentionally accessing a gun and shooting someone.

2. If your child is going to a play date or party away from home, ask the parent: “Do you own a gun? Is it locked up?”

3. Consider teaching your children to use a gun safely. Many families did this in the past when guns were used regularly to hunt for food or to protect against hostile strangers.

4. Support the Brady Campaign through volunteering, calling your elected officials, signing a petition or making a donation. Support statewide efforts to keep guns from being sold to  violent individuals.

Posted: October 15, 2017 in: Child Health Care, Curb Gun Violence

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