Curb Gun Violence

The gun violence that happened in Las Vegas could have been prevented. U. S. Gun violence results in 17,000+ American children and teens being shot each year. 46 youths are shot daily resulting in 7 deaths.  We can curb gun violence.  People who are not “dangerous” can own guns. Why should we allow gun sales to people who want to injure or kill us?

This is frustrating, but some progress has occurred. The Brady Bill was signed into law in 1993. This law requires background checks before sales at federally licensed dealers.  The background checks are used to prevent  “dangerous” individuals from purchasing guns. “Dangerous” individuals are defined in the law. However, unchecked sales occur at gun shows and over the internet every single day.

In addition, since 2013, seven states,  CA, CT, Hawaii, MA NJ NY RI, have passed new laws expanding Brady background checks to all gun sales. These checks include gun shows & the internet resulting strongest gun laws and lowest death rate. This is a tremendous achievement. There is more positive information here.

The Brady campaign has filed a Class Action Lawsuit against Bump Stock Manufacturers and Retailer on behalf of victims shot in Law Vegas.  Let’s support the Brady Campaign!

We can take action to support ourselves. (1) If you own a gun, lock it up with the ammunition locked up separately. This prevents children unintentionally taking a gun and shooting someone.  (2) If your child is going to a  play date or party away from home, ask the parent “Do you own a gun? Is it locked up?” (3)  Your children can be taught to use a gun safely. In olden days when many folks owned a gun for hunting or protection, their children were taught to use a gun safely.



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