Promise the Children is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. We believe that the future of our democratic society depends on the education and healthy development of our most vulnerable citizens – our nation’s children. To this end we reach out to volunteers who will work together and advocate for programs that support U.S. children and their families.

We offer information and action alerts for your consideration about government funding for safety net subsidies that our low-earning families depend on. These programs help to pay for childcare, early education, food, health care and more. Information and action alerts are posted on our website, our Facebook page and on Twitter. In addition, we email timely information and action alerts to those who sign up on our website.

Now is the time to expand our focus to include curbing gun violence. Lets demand that Congress take action on curbing gun sales. President Trump has stressed keeping our country safe. Neither children or adults are safe from accidental death or murder by guns. More people in the U.S. own guns—guns that were made to kill people in an instant—than in any other country. We have more gun shot deaths and injuries to children and adults than in any other well-developed country in the world.

As of March 2018, Congress is considering many issues involving children. These include:

(1). Taking notice of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history that have occurred in the last 20 months. Now is the time to demand that our politicians put the safety of children and of the public over the interest of the gun lobby, gun sales and of people who want to kill or maim. Urge your statewide and federal elected officials to take action now.

(2). Good News! CHIP, the Children’s Health Care Program, has been renewed through March 2018. CHIP provides access to health care for millions of children who would otherwise have no health care.

(3). Bad News! The President’s budget includes severe cuts to The Earned Income Tax Credit, EITC, the Additional Child Tax Credit, ACTC food stamps, and afterschool programs.  Sign up for our action alerts to learn how you can take action in support of these programs.

(4). More Potentially Bad News! Undocumented immigrant families are being shattered by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) despite paying taxes and having jobs that support their families. No path for their citizenship is under consideration and there is no consideration for DACA youth right now. Congress has failed to find common ground on these issues as of February.

Let your voice be heard! Tell your federal legislators today how you feel about curbing gun violence. We will let you know the time to take action CHIP, after-school programs and food stamps.

Contact Congress: To find your legislators’ contact information, visit Call My Congress and enter your zip code. You’ll then receive contact information for your federally elected officials. Here are more ways to get in touch with your federal, state and local elected leaders.

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