Promise the Children is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. We believe that the future of our democratic society depends on the education and healthy development of our most vulnerable citizens – our nation’s children. To this end we reach out to volunteers who will work together and advocate for programs that support U.S. children and their families.

We offer information and action alerts for your consideration about government funding for safety net subsidies that our low-earning families depend on.  These programs help to pay for  childcare, early education, food, health care, and more. Information and action alerts are posted on our website, our Facebook page, and on Twitter. In addition we email timely information and action alerts to those who sign up on our web site.

As of the beginning of October, Congress is considering severe cuts in funding for many subsidy programs that support U.S. children. These include:

(1) Tax reform; Working parent(s) need refundable tax credits for safe childcare, and for the Earned Income Tax Credit. It is not yet clear whether these tax credits are included in the Senate or House tax reform bills.

(2) The Affordable Health Care Act (ACA) has survived repeal for a while longer.  Now the President wants to cut medical care and family planning for women and parents. Specifically, he wants employers to decide whether or not to fund birth control in their health plans, and to stop Medicaid funding for birth control. With the free access to birth control we now have, our birth rate of unwanted children in general and specifically among teens, families, and those who have been sexually abused is the lowest  that we have ever had.

(3)  After School Programs  exist in churches,  YMCA, YWCA, Girl’s Inc. Boys & Girl’s Clubs and many other locations. They have an essential role in children’s education and nutrition while parent(s) are working. The House of Representatives restored essential funding for these programs as has the Senate sub-committee. Now the Senate must act as well.

(4) This same Senate sub committee turned down the DeVos proposal to fund the development  of profit making charters as an alternative choice to our public schools. The money to develop charters was to be taken from funds that now support our public schools.

(5) The senate has yet to act on the Children’s Health Care Program (CHIP). Many of our nation’s children have access to health care through this program.

Let your voice be heard! Tell your senators how you feel about refundable taxes, family planning,  after school programs, for-profit charter schools, and CHIP. Text 520-200-2223 with your zip code as the message. You will receive contact information for our federally elected officials. Here is more information.

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