President Elect Trump speaks of eliminating the U. S. Department of Education and national standards for public education – as did President Reagan. Our last four presidents worked on national standards. Their work improved public education and high school graduation rates, but more needs to be done. Our high school students often graduate with poor preparation for technical jobs, and immigrants are hired whose education is relevant. You can sign up with Promise the Children and support education.  You can get to know your read more…

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The Affordable Health Care Act or ACA increased affordable health insurance for 20 million people. Many are lower salaried families with children. President Elect Trump and members of Congress, present and future, want to change ACA. ACA was enacted during President Obama’s administration. Some folks don’t want to pay for other people’s health insurance. But minimum wage is so low that many workers have been left in the lurch. Without ACA, they would have to depend on expensive emergency ward care, or read more…

Posted: November 15, 2016 in: Child Poverty, Health Insurance

Tomorrow, November 4 is the last day of early voting. Tuesday November 8th is election day ! Please vote. It is easy to be cynical. But, this is an extremely important election. Please remember your commitment to children when you make your choice. In particular remember our pre-school children who are so badly in need of quality education and childcare. Here are two major issues with two points of view on issues. The expansion of charter public schools. This issue read more…

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I am tired of hearing traditional public school advocates rant against public charter schools for expelling certain students. Because of zero tolerance, our traditional public schools frequently expel and suspend students for nonviolent misbehaviors. Under certain circumstances expelled students cannot relocate to another school. Each state defines their zero tolerance policies. Sometimes, these policies may be  enforced by police officers employed as school resource officers or SROs.  SRO’s are paid for by the federal government.  They supposedly enforce Federal Gun Free School Act that read more…

Posted: October 23, 2016 in: school discipline

Selling more people more guns does not curb gun violence. In the U.S. over all, about 2500 children die from gunshot violence annually. U.S. children and teens are 17 times more likely to die from a gun shot than children in 25 other high-income countries combined according to the Children’s Defense Fund. In 2012 12,253 adults died from gunshot homicides. Many more adults committed suicide or suffered accidental deaths by gunshots, and also there were non-fatal gunshot crimes. How can we curb U. S. gun read more…

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Low-waged single parent(s) cannot pay market rate for child care. Many children are in risky situations where they are neglected or abused.  Some are lucky enough to have a relative or neighbor to provide care. Some are supported by childcare vouchers or are in Head Start. A minimum waged single parent working 40 hours weekly may be earning as much as $15,080 annually. This is below the Federal poverty line. The median income in the United States is estimated at $51,939. This is read more…

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By Grade Pirez – A High School Student who volunteers for Promise the Children & Girls’ Inc. It’s difficult to put into words how incredibly moving Anna Deavere Smith’s Notes from the Field: Doing Time in Education was. I’d like to warn you, though, that I’m not familiar with stage performances outside of Broadway musicals, so I can’t give a particularly artistic review of the production. I am, however, familiar with the rampant racism that has been a pressing issue read more…

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Access to quality early education and childcare varies enormously and predictably across income classes. Wealthier families have the money to spend, but those with lower salaries do not. As a result wealthier children are ready to learn in kindergarten and 1st grade while those lacking the experience of quality early education either in a classroom or at home are not. Here is more information on the high cost of childcare. Sadly, falling behind in kindergarten and the early grades can cause read more…

Posted: September 16, 2016 in: Action Alerts, Preschool

By Terry Roderiques, OTR/L Promise the Children, Volunteer As an Occupational Therapist that travels to many schools in my system, I have the pleasure of working with a number of very talented teachers. In researching and thinking over the topic of what qualities I would want in a pre-school teacher, I decided to pick 8 of my most favorite characteristics. This is a limited list and my opinion only. I have listed some references of several articles I found online. read more…

Posted: August 16, 2016 in: Preschool

By Delaney Ketchum – volunteer at Girl’s Inc. and student of Early Education. Over 4.3 million U. S. children cannot attend a safe, licensed preschool because their parents cannot afford it. Often, these parents are forced to put their children in dangerous, unregulated daycare centers.  These children go to kindergarten lacking in literacy and math skills and often have difficulties adjusting their behavior to a classroom setting. They continue to struggle throughout grade school and into high school, making it read more…

Posted: August 15, 2016 in: Action Alerts


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